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Flexible and convenient, Direct makes our journalism available to 3500 affiliates worldwide.


Each day reporters from across our networks file news updates from across the globe on U.S. and global news stories. With bureaus in Washington, DC, New York, Miami, San Francisco, Prague, Beijing, Seoul, Bangkok, London, Moscow, Nairobi, Johannesburg and more – our reporting teams deliver original reporting and provide insight and context that can be incorporated in to affiliate broadcasts and digital properties.

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Our networks develop dynamic, commercially competitive programming for television and radio audiences in formats that range from short 5-minute daily newscasts to hour-long productions or award winning documentaries. News, lifestyle, education and entertainment programs are tailored for media markets around the globe.

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Digital Products

We offer trusted daily content for social media and web properties as well as a robust catalog of documentaries and television programs that provide libraries for OTT developers.

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