Accelerated File Delivery (AFD)

Faster Downloads. Convenient Delivery to Multiple Devices.


Direct offers delivery through the Imagen AFD, a high-speed file transfer service that delivers a variety of professional, broadcast and digital file formats to any PC, Mac or server.

Why is AFD better?

It's faster than FTP or HTTP delivery. It's more reliable.
No more failed downloads. AFD creates a secure digital handshake between Direct and your device which allows the app to resume downloads of large files if the internet connection drops.

Deliver files to multiple linked computers.

Team members can browse content on-the-go from their phone or laptops, but send the large broadcast files to a edit suite or production workstation. Users can specify folder locations for downloaded files, making it easy to track new content available.

Workstations with AFD apps can be set up with multiple user accounts.

Editorial or production team members can choose content and send to the same server or workstation, making files accessible to everyone working on a show or project.

Installing Imagen AFD is easy.

1. Start by downloading the app.


2.Connect to the USAGM Direct Platform

Please enter the address:

3. Enter your user name and password from Direct.

4. You can see your connected sites in the “Sites” tab.

5. You may set up multiple accounts on a workstation.

To add an account, click the plus icon in the top right hand corner to add another account.

6. Set your download folder.

AFD will default to your downloads folder, but you can set up custom folders that allow you to keep your downloaded files all in one place.

7. You’re ready to go.

Once your AFD application is set up, it will appear as an option when you choose download from the Direct record page. You will be able to indicate file type and if you have AFD set up on multiple devices, where to send the file delivery. The AFD app will allow you to monitor downloads and will notify you when a download is complete.